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Quentin Klopfenstein
Post-doctoral researcher
Applied Mathematics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Biomedical Data Science group, LCSB, Université du Luxembourg

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About me

I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Biomedical Data Science group in Luxembourg. Our team is headed by Enrico Glaab and aims at developping softwares and tools to analyze biomedical data and find relevant information for medical purposes. Previously, I did my PhD at IMB (Univ. de Bourgogne, France) under the supervision of H. Cardot and S. Vaiter.


  • I defended my PhD thesis June 30th in Dijon! You can have acces to the manuscript or the slides if you are interested.
  • Our work on constrained Support Vector Regression has been accepted to the Machine Learning journal of Springer. The article is available here.
  • Our newest preprint on implicit differentation for hyperparameters selection is available!
mail icon Q. Bertrand, QK, M. Massias, M. Blondel, S. Vaiter, A. Gramfort, J. Salmon. Implicit differentiation for fast hyperparameter selection in non-smooth convex learning. Submitted. arXiv:2105.01637. 45 pages. 2021.


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